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First: Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ioio10 for getting me on the Guest List for this “by invite only” showcase

I have no idea why they choose that particular location for the event… A sleazy place in the sleazy part of a sleazy street (in a sleazy city)
Never mind that there was no accurate stage, lightning or anything else that made the venue any good
(Even the bar was badly stocked as it turned out)
But they had those fantastic light bulb structure thing... I fell in love with

As I said by a drive-by post already, it was a brief acoustic set - mostly intended for the press and the important people in the Swiss music business, but in the end it looked like there were more fans present then they had originally planned
(Some stories you heard of how they got onto that list were really funny… someone claimed to have called the Swiss publicist for 2 days at home until she gave in)

As for the performance

There was an intro from the publicist reminding everybody that Adam was runner up on Idol, has an Album just coming out here, and is currently the #1 on German Itunes

Then Adam and his band (that night only Monte and LP) had to fight their way through the packed club, and climb over some couches to get onto the stage
Thankfully the man has humour and claimed that “this was fun”


Whataya want from me
Music again
Broken open
Mad World

Sleepwalker - This was like whoa!!!!!
It isn’t one of my favorites on the album, but hearing it live…. wow, just WOW!!!!!!!!
I can’t really put into words how fucking brilliant and chilling that was, and how Adam made his charisma pour off that small stage
There is a recording of the full performance, but it can’t really transpire all that

Mad World - Rather then the hunted version he did on Idol, this was played very groovy, and with some incredible notes at the end.

Then there was some hilarious banter with the audience, including Adam pointing out that he noticed that we are in a sleazy neighbourhood
Thankfully someone got a clip of all that as well

FYE is a good record, but in the end it is “mainstream” poppy-disco, and that Showcase was a forceful reminder that this guy got everyone's attention by
a) finding unique arrangements for songs
b) powerful delivery
c) hitting some insane notes

And as I already said, the charisma… its about 10 times as strong in person then it is on any clip I have ever seen

Later I had a short opportunity to thank him for coming to Switzerland, since we get often overlooked by many artists as a place not worth any effort at promotion. I got one of his signature “awwws” and a hug as an answer, before he was whisked away by the publicist to meet some more important people


And a bonus of a picture in a gallery window opposite the venue
(and this totally needs icon-izing)

(Comment on LJ are on)
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Right now I feel like everybody who told me between October 2006 and March 2007 that I need to watch Torchwood because it is a fun little series about some gay alien hunters deserves to be tortured and killed slowly!!

"Children of Earth" broke my heart!

I feel like they ripped out the shreds my heart, burned all bridges and then nuked the wasteland for good measure!

And as some sources say, RTD has Season 4 "Good to go" if the BBC wants it.
No clue how that should work out, unless everybody wakes up from a bad dream on the morning of the day that "Reset" started!

So does anyone want to link me back to their review of COE??


Jul. 17th, 2009 12:00 am
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The PTA gang went to see Brüno
I must say, I was not sure if I would enjoy it, but in the end it was really a movie that made us all laugh for 90 minutes
And the end was just made of WIN!!!


May. 17th, 2009 02:13 pm
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Angels and Demons

I just read the book again last week, and so I noted the changes pretty well. I guess I need to see it a second time.Read more... )

The movie also gets extra brownie points, because it is one of the very few international movies with Swiss German Dialog in it :)


Only got to see it from DVD now as the local cinema showed it only for one week last year, and also only in the German dub version

I was positive surprised )


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