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Location:Basel, Switzerland

This journal is written in a mix of German and English. I'm Swiss

I once ranted about pretty much everything, now I stopped giving a shit

You will may not like my opinion on things, but since I'm not here to win a popularity contest, this is not a problem for me - I have better things to do then fight with people on the internet.

I'm a fangirl (with a slash preference), expect to hear about:

- Apocalyptica
- Doctor Who
- Torchwood (I liked CoE and love RTD for killing a certain someone)
- Harry Potter
- Queer as Folk

I read a lot and plan to hit 175 books in 2009!
I also have a bookworm tattoo!

About adding:
I add/delete my circle pretty much without politics.
If I like your entries I add you, if I only scroll over them anymore, you will be deleted.
Since some people tried to spy into LJ I'm pretty happy to be able to watch people without giving them accsess. To some former LJ friends I'm also going to give access without adding them to my reading list.

I hardly post locked entries anyway~**~

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