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Krampus the Yule Lord (Brom) - Audio - 6/10

The Traitors of the Tower (Alison Weir) - Audio - 5/10

For me a good historical book if full of color and detail.
This here was just a short synopsis of facts, so I don't understand why it is sold as a novel, or as "bringing history alive". The non-fiction label would be far more fitting, but I guess it would sell less well.

The Horse Whisperer (Nicholas Evans) - Audio - 5/10

Not what I expected.
And a love story I couldn't believe.

SMS von letzter Nacht - Book 3 - Ich guck mal, ob du in der K├╝che liegst (Anna Koch & Axel Lilienblum) - 283 pages - 7/10

These kind of funny books usually get old very fast, but here they seem to be able to keep the quality up.

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