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DSDS (aka German Idol)

I think for the first time in 10 years this show is worth watching, as things are totally going against the script.
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Agreed. I was floored when I realised that the demography has changed so dramatically. (Last year was a catastrophe in terms of voting. I didn't actually watch, but that was hardly necessary. Everyone got kicked out exactly when I said they would be.) Even RTL's attempted meddling didn't work anymore two weeks ago.

Now I want Lisa to win, because Beatrice will get a contract, either way XD (I have never before seen anyone who looked genuine while performing schlager. Ever. That community will be all over her.)
If Lisa wins, that'll be the first time I'm buying the CD of a DSDS winner. She's quirky, different, recognisable, and she can sing. (Though her voice is not as perfect as the one of Susan or Ricardo... but those two were simply too clean with no edges.)

Edit: I wrote about it that one time because it really was interesting XD
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