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Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - A Warning!

Today's the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the past years I used this spot to tell you why you should vote for the Swiss Song.
This year I will only give you one reason why you should not vote for Switzerland.

If you vote for the Swiss Entry to this years ESC you will be supporting

The Salvation Army

The six musicans are all members of the SA. They won the Swiss selection under the name of "Heilsarmee Band" (Salvation Army Band) wearing their typical uniforms.

Afterwards there was a shitstorm when the EBU told them that they could not perform at the ESC representing their sect because the rules don't allow any commercial,political and/or religious motives.
(One of the stupidest arguments presented over and over why there should be an exception of this rule for the SA was that Lordi where allowed to perform in their satanical costumes after all)

Now they are called Takasa. Officially this means "cleansing", but - Honi soit qui mal y pense - it can also be seen as an acronym for "The Artists known as Salvation Army"

So, however catchy the song "You and Me" may be, please don't vote for a homophobic, religious cult/sect

Feel free to link to this entry to spread the word.

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