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The costumes are totally LOL-worthy. especially Eicca and Perttu's earrings
(though I don't get Paavo's wig, but well, it's not a secret that I don't even try to understand the things Paavo does for years)
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So I was on my way back from an Apocalyptica concert today (and yeah, the guys still do the best concerts I ever seen) and in the compartment behind me were those girls who obviously were on the show too.
At one point they start talking about Fanfiction, and how most story are Mary Sue shit, and I'm already grinning at hearing a discussion like that from other people (proves that slashers really are everywhere)
Then they start start talking about Fanfiction.net vs. AO3, and suddenly one of them wonders if there is any Apocalyptica stuff on AO3

The sound I made when one of them got out her Iphone and checked can not have been very dignified, knowing that my stuff is pretty much all there is currently

Then the one with the phone started to read, aloud

Thankfully she choose some of the silly drabbles, and they seemed amusing enough to the group as they all laughed in the right places .... and commented that they had read worse....

Still, I wanted to laugh, cry, run away, grin like a lunatic and burst with pride at the same time

But yeah, that was the most surreal thing I ever experienced (and made me realize again that once you hit "publish" your fanfic really is out there for the world to read)
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There is this guy (you know who I'm speaking off, dear follow fans) who lies on purpose about his birthday, because that is a private thing

Said person would also like to have control which fans have knowledge about him having children - never mind that in modern times such things go out rather fast via YouTube or Wikipedia.
(And even faster when another member of the band announced the birth of one of those children during a show that was recorded for TV)

A few years later said person post a picture of two of his children to the bands photo-blog
Totally by accident of course!

If Mister P.L had any credit left in my books, he would have lost them just about now

(at least we did just get a cute pic of the children, rather than any TMI stuff - because other musicans have used that route to get PR, of course it also happend totally by accident back then)


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