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One of the most vocal members of the "I don't want to scroll over entries not about my OTP" is pimping a community about a pairing of another show on the community that she was so fond of pointing Is only about about the OTP

Hypocrite much?!?
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Lefty Loosy ighty Tighty

- it's not funny enough
- It's not witty enough
- it's so lame, I regret helping them out with money for the post-production

I hate my teenage daughter

- This is a stupid show, he should never have taken that role
- I'm not going to watch this shit
- I hope the show tanks fast

And let's remember: This are quotes from so called FANS of the actor

ESS Fandom, failing since this week, a couple of months
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I think it's a great thing that Eric Sheffer Stevens got cast into a screwball sitcom like I hate my teenage daughter because it will show which of his "fans" just liked him because Omg! LuRe are sooo hot! and which are truelly interested in seeing him do other things as well
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There's nothing to waking up and being called rude because commenting in German in someones personal journal by a third person!

As if I ever went outside my way to insult somebody!
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So I made a new icon!

Also, I once again spoke my mind
and since the mods of [livejournal.com profile] lure_atwt are as sensitive as I accused them of, I guess I will get my second warning/banning withing the next 12-24 hours

But at this point I just stopped to care.
They are doing their best to kill the community anyway, and I feel uncomortable posting anything there, even if it fits with the rules (that are currently changing every 5 minutes)
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Looks like I got Fandom Wanked over this!

By a Nukie of all people!

I'm dissapointed!

I always hoped that I would get there because I started one hell of a shitstorm!

Not because I disagreed about something that (strictly) seen isn't even a wank!

Oh Internez, you disappoint me!
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I got the perfect analogy to describe the lazy and sensitive people that are currently robbing my last nerve:

They claim to like Reid because he's so unique and outspoken, but if they meet an outspoken person in real life, they leak tears faster than Gretchen ever could!

Also, someone already distract me. I need a new topic to rant about!
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Woooohoooo, I just got a warning for calling people lazy and sensitive

Why is it that all the so called "inclusive" fandom turn so sensitive?


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