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All I could think of during this dinner was that Dr. Oliver would not approve of the buffet (and neither did I)


Oct. 25th, 2010 04:54 pm
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Today at work some money was missing
The unbelivable huge amount of 0.05 CHF

We got threats about what happens when the thief is found from our boss as well as hers.

After the whole tantrum someone had the brillint idea to count the money again

Just think what would happen the day one buck would be missing for real
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... at least the part of it that is connected to my external hard-drive

Hardest part was actually getting the screws of the old controller loose


In today's other news:

While shopping for a new case for the HDD there was some blonde woman with way too much make-up posing with the drooling men around her for pictures at the Media Center
So I ask the guys in line who that was, someone told me it's the new Miss Switzerland
"So nobody important then!" I answered. She must have heard, because if glances could kill....

Also at the Media Center:
A new E-Book reader supporting MP3. MPG, OOG, AVI, GIF and JPG files - too bad it doesn't actually support any ebook formats
(well, it reads Epub, doc, rtf, pdf and txt as I just found out looking it up, but really, that should be the data the store should put into the product discription)

Also ran into a former co-worker and his family. One of the guys I actually miss, so it was fun to have a drink and chat a little
His son was very adorable, and just like daddy a big flirt
Learned that at former company everything is going to shit and that my replacement should never have gotten the job (like that is any surprise, as longtime readers will remember that the guy only got the job because he was a cousin of ex-boss)

New Job

Aug. 3rd, 2010 01:09 pm
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I got eased in gently today at work

20 minutes getting instruction
20 minutes of writing an invoice
20 minutes of break time
2 hours of sitting around waiting for something to do

Just that the co-worker on the opposite desk who is there a lot longer wasn't doing much more in the same time...
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So tomorrow I'm going to start my new job

Wish me luck


Nov. 7th, 2009 08:24 am
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- DW Promotion will be back once my brain has free resources

- Sleep in the past 36 hours: 4 hours
-- Next chance to get to bed: about 15 hours from now
--- Plans for today: Meeting friends in Zurich for Lunch, then NaNo Write-in, and Körperwelten exhibition
---- Need to buy lots of Red Bull to get through this day

- Waisted another few hours at the unemployment office, because they can't do shit until this stupid company hands over some important paperwork
At least they will have to pay me until the end of the year if they don't hand over the paperwork sooner

(We remember they the last day we pretended I still worked there was in July, the last day I really worked there was in April, and the last day I worked there and gave a shit was two or three years ago)

-10 350 Words
-- Plot still Missing in Action
-- Chapter 3 still not finished
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Some people get PMS, I get IWTSMBS (I want to strangle my Boss Syndrome - it has nothing to do with hormones but with lots of stupidity)


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