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Paralympic Opening Ceremony > Olympic Opening Ceremony

And the money grubbing IOC doesn't win any sympathy points when you learn, how they forbid them to use the Olympic Rings or anything too similar as symbol.
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- The Olympic Flame being such a let-down after the Torch Rally was surrounded by such a hype!
- Mr. Bean and Voldemort at the Opening Ceremony
- Roger Federer's total fail at pretending to be happy about the Silver Medal
- The Swiss media writing article after article, trying - and failing - to pretend that Silver is the new Gold

The most surprising moment of the Games of course were the people who were actually surprised that swimmers pee into the Olympic pool. Seriously, how could anyone doubt that?!?
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My personal highlight of this games!!!!!

Thank you

Aug. 5th, 2012 05:14 pm
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Dear Andy Murry

You are my hero!
I love you

The only Swiss who can't stand Federer


Aug. 3rd, 2012 08:25 pm
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Guess who the Swiss Media are now hyping as the "Savior of the Nation"?
Yep, the same nice, down-to-earth Swiss-Guy arrogant asshole as always.
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... in der Disziplin der grössten Peinlichkeiten, dank Amir "Ich treff den Ball nicht" Mehmedi und Fabian "Ich krieg die Kurve nicht" Cancellara
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The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics had a homage to the inventor of the World Wide Web.
Almost everyone walking into the stadium was filming or making pictures with their new media devices.

But if you think that the Olympic experience would improve because of the Internet you are highly mistaken.

Four years ago, the official homepage of the Games had a special video portal, where you could watch live streams of all events on about 10 different channels.
Now they sold all those live stream rights to the individual TV stations, so a few select stations will be able to provide you everything. (NBC, BBC, ARD/ZDF)
But - of course - all those streams are region blocked, so if you don't live in the US, UK or Germany, you will once again only be able to see what your local station has bought the rights for. Pretty much like it was 10 or 20 years ago.

So I guess, all I'm going to see - thanks to the Swiss TV - will be lots of Soccer and Tennis *yawn*, with a few minutes of other *highlights* sprinkled in between.

(and yes, I have tried some proxies, but either both the BBC and ARD/ZDF portals are protected against those tricks, or the proxy provider block video that ain't YT)
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- A reporter about the weather: "Hottest games I ever been to? I think it's rather chilly compared to some summer-games"

- Instead of Biathlon they could do a Triathlon - Skiing, Shooting and Swimming


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