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... best performance of season 8

and Matt still is the most presh penguin-donky in the world
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First my over-all impression of the final four dancers

Melanie: I mentioned before that I disliked her from the first moment on. Her "look-at-me-I'm-so-cute" smile makes me want to punch her everytime.
Perhaps this makes me not see why she is supposed to be so great or it just is that the judges hyping her to no end, while never pointing out when she fuckes-up (as she did a couple of times)

Marko: I loved him during auditions, but then he spent the first five weeks pared up with Melanie. So I was constantly rolling my eyes during their routines that got nothing but praise even if they fucked-up
But since the all-stars came on, I started to remember why I liked him to begin with

Tadd: He was in the bottom so many times, I'am tired of his solo. Yes, solo, not solos. Because he shows the same tricks over and over and over again. In the final he's the odd one out, with no chance at winning

Sasha: Funny enough, last year when she was touring with Adam Lambert, I didn't like her at all. But she won me over in the video packages to this show.
Somehow she managed to get through the first five weeks with good humor, despite being pared up with Alexander (Insider gossip has it, that all through Vegas Week he made fun of Sasha's sister, and how people of her body type shouldn't be allowed to audition for the show)

On to the dancing )

Who I think should win: Sasha
Who most likely will win (due to audience influenced by the judges pimping) : Melanie

Personally I think I will not remember this season for the things that were great, but for everything that went wrong

- The lack of diversity in dance syles. Both in the routines on the show as well as in the selection of the Top 20 Dancers
- The judges refusing to eliminate Jordan and Robert in week one, and therefor not eliminating anyone
- The double elimination in week two, where the judges decided to eliminate Ivetta over Ryan. (Choosing Ricky over Nick hurt the show again in the diversity department, but was fair due to Ricky's outstanding solo)
- Keeping Ryan and Jordan safe again and again over girls that had more talent
- The fact that most of the girls on the show were pretty much interchangable in both syle and looks
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- Alex Wong is injured again. I think this makes him now the unluckiest person on this show ever
- So the All-Stars are pretty much the same this year as they were last year.
- Not surprised that Robert is now also an All-Star, as he was already featured as an assistent/step-in this season multiple times
- By the same prominent visability I also hoped to see Jakob as an All-Star. So aside from still being bitter about him not winning Season 6, I'm now also bitter that he isn't an All-Star
- On the topic of being bitter: Sonya totally must be at being left out of Emmy nominations as pretty much the only one of the regular SYTYCD choreographers
- On the topic of Emmy nominations: I want Stacey Tookey to win. And Cat of course!
- Still not getting the Melanie love.I actually dislikd her from her first auddition on. So yeah, I hope for some dramatic results, that will coast her the predicted win of this season
- Last week Jordan got called out for doing nothing but stretching her legs up in the air. This week Travis choreographed her a routine where she did nothing put stretch her legs up in the air, and the judges loved it like crazy. WTF?!?
- As for those eleminated: About fucking time!!! They should have gone weeks ago, but one was safed by having a fantastic partner with a huge fanbase, the other was safed again and again by having connections with the judges/producers - on the cost of better dancers "cough"Ivetta*cough"
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After a really good run in the UK today's double elimination just showed again that there's something really wrong with the US version of the show!!!
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Last weeks show still hasn't shown up (aside from 2 routines on YouTube)

This weeks episode was up right away. Of course only because John Barrowman is stepping in for Nigel as a judge

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Danielle & Luke - Once again the judgest give them more credit than they deserve- I'm pretty sure there was even a fucked-up lift in early in the routine! - Also who choose that shitty music for a Passo Doble?

Bethany Rose & Israel - For 18 years of training, she had really clumsy footwork

Alice & Charlie - I like them, but I think Charllie was off most the time. Also, Charlie looked a lot like the 11th Doctor in this

Katie & Lee - I think that wonderful Sean Cheesman routine was wasted on them

Katherina & Tom - The show just needs to drop the Quickstep. Because if it't done traditionally it is a pain for everyone, and if the choreographer turns it into something the dancers can do and the audience can enjoy, then it isn't a real Quickstep

Kirsty & Lee - I think they had a fuck up in there too. plus that choreographer doing a lyric based number with a deaf girl .. What was he thinking? (Where are NappyTabs if you need them???) Still, my favorite couple!

Rithy & Shane : Medicore, but in this show, that already puts them in the better half of this show

Charlotte & Matt - By far the best couple/ routine of this show

My bottom 2:
Can't really choose. Almost every couple had one person who let the other down. Even predicting is hard as it looks like the British Audience is voting against everything the judges say.
Everytime Sisco says that Israel needs to go, he just gets more votes

Spoilers for Result Show )
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- Loved the wedding group routine
- Didn't love the recycling of routines from past US routines for the coupels (and unlike the last time they didn't even mention that it isn't a new one. Also wasn't it a Mandy Moore routine the last time as well?)
- I don't get the Katie love
- Love Kirsty & Lee
- Good to know me and the judges saw the same skatboard routine, because most of the time I saw a bad hip-hop routine, they see something extraordinary
- Love that Alice & Charlie got so much love this week
- I guess it doesn't matter how bad Luke is, they are going to drag him through the show till the end

Personal bottom two:
Israel & Bethany Rose
Luke & Danielle

And why the hell don't they do a bottom three?
I guess it is just not enough drama with just two couples if there are still 18 people around. Also you can see it from the line up who's in danger.

Result Show - Spoilers )
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After my rant about the missing SYTYCD episode it took 5 minutes to show up

I guess it took so long because someone just wanted to safe us all. Out of ten routines only about four were watchable. The rest was a hot mess.

Also, why did nobody tell me just how great Sherlock really is?
(On the other hand, now I only have to wait a couple of months for new episodes, rather than a full year, and there are already over 1000 pieces of fanfic for it on the AO3)
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Right now I'm a bit pissed, that they only credited Nick Lazzarini as a former contestant of the show, rather than a winner of the show
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Those auditions were fun fun to see - even with Mia Michaels as a guest judge.
All those diffrent styles - lots of ballroom, some Irish dancing and Bollywood - that is the big diffrence to the US show I think, there you just see like seven million interchangeable contemporary and hip-hop dancers
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so I gave in and watched the finale performance show and the result show

About the winner )

And I think next week starts the new Season in Canada
I can't wait to see Tre and Jean-Marc as judges after all the shit that went down with Nigel, Mia and Adam
and of course I hope for more controversial choreographies by Luther and Blake
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Everybody was raving about this weeks performance from Kent and Neil, so I watched that
(Never mind that they made sure Kent is going to win this thing from the moment they showed Lil C crying during his Vegas announcement to giving him stuff like this)

Personally I could not enjoy this
Because I know this dance was only allowed because it is Kent and Neil - who are so straight it hurts masculine. Nigel, our dear homophobic friend, would never have allowed the same choreograpyh with Billy and Jakob for example
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I already spent two weeks fast-forwarding the judges comment and just watching the dancing
Now I am really done, after they sent home the guy who had the three best routines this week, and keep the medicore people around
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I haven't written about Season 7 so far and that is because I am just not feeling it (and because I am still a bit sore that Jakob didn't win S6)

- The All-Star concept isn't working for me
- The new voting concept isn't working either (see that they haven't learned from American Idol that all the females will get voted off first, never mind that they even started out with giving the guys an extra sixth spot to beginn with)
- The point that they keep losing dancers because of injury rather then elimination
- The point that someone like Jose made the Top 11, and is keept around despite his lack of skill (and the choreographers cartering to this by keeping him out of group numbers, and giving him routines where he just has to sit around or do b-boy moves no matter what style he is supposed to be dancing)
- The fact that as soon as the judges speak I keep wondering if we are watching the same routines (and that they don't even seem to try and critice technique this year, just charisma)
- and of course that they seem to pull new rules our of their asses as the show goes along
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So it wasn't quite like the American Idol finale (even if they did have Adam Lambert there)

and the winner is )
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The final round of performances did not blow me away
I think I preferred the former  final format with 4 dancers dancing with each other + solos, rather then having 9 couple routines

Prediction: It's down to Jakob (who's talent is obvious) or Kathryn (who got some extra hype from the judges)
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First Elimination Round )

Because HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! is the only thing to say about the performance of Nathan and Mollee


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