Nov. 5th, 2011 02:22 am
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I'm as annoyed with the OLL a I wasn't since my catastrophic turn as ML in 2006!

Yes, I understand that one of your IT people got sick, but no, I don't understand why you changed the platform anyway.
Why not use the old one for another year, rather than this half-assed new one, where most of the important things don't work?

I don't want to be redirected to my profile just because I updated my word-count
I want my notifications as emails, not in the site-inbox
and most of all I want word counts in the forum without having to go to every user profile just to see their numbers!

And promising this stuff to work in a couple more weeks is not cutting it, because November is now, not in a couple more weeks!
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Today we had Switzerland's first NaNoWriMo Meeting.

I guess I'm going to write that ATWT/Torchwood Crossover I had in my mind for a while now, and that no one beside me will like, because it features the wrong characters on the TW side, and hardly any sickly-sweet romance on the Lure side...
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What can I say

This year I'm 10 000 words ahead at this point, rather than about the same amount behind
I managed to be where my outline says I should be
Aside from a few little ramblings my characters are doing what they should, rather than hold internal monologues about pointless stuff
.. and I only hate about every 5th sentence rather then every second word


Oct. 2nd, 2010 06:13 pm
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I just signed-up for my 9th go at NaNoWriMo

I may need a life

And congratulations to Austria for distangeling themselves from Germany and becoming a region of their own in NaNo-Land
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... of course that does not really work if your prose is all about those hoes!

At least I finished the big orgy in chapter 3
And now I know why no sane writer ever does orgys!
There are just too many limbs!

Somehow I manage to keep on track with my NaNoWriMo writing
Even with a few days of 0 or near 0 words

Of course my story is not even halfway where it should be at this point, even if I am slightly ahead in word count


Nov. 7th, 2009 08:24 am
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- DW Promotion will be back once my brain has free resources

- Sleep in the past 36 hours: 4 hours
-- Next chance to get to bed: about 15 hours from now
--- Plans for today: Meeting friends in Zurich for Lunch, then NaNo Write-in, and Körperwelten exhibition
---- Need to buy lots of Red Bull to get through this day

- Waisted another few hours at the unemployment office, because they can't do shit until this stupid company hands over some important paperwork
At least they will have to pay me until the end of the year if they don't hand over the paperwork sooner

(We remember they the last day we pretended I still worked there was in July, the last day I really worked there was in April, and the last day I worked there and gave a shit was two or three years ago)

-10 350 Words
-- Plot still Missing in Action
-- Chapter 3 still not finished
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Managed to get 20 Icons for NaNo - I should at least choose one to upload as LJ as well to make the crosspostings look "mehr pretty" (see I'm mixing languages in the same sentences now, it really is November)
Still no graphics and tables for fancy word counting that is just a sparkly excuse not to write.

Managed to spend the past 10 hours without sleep
Unfortunately also managed to spend the past 10 hours without writing.
Wordcount at 3500
So still ahead, but feeling like I'm already behind where I should be on the outline.
Too much pointless rambling and already some porn that is totally out of place - at least I am back in familiar NaNo territory
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The UK just broke the OLL servers!

Also, I need a NaNo Icon for this year
I've really done bad preperation, I have a story (including plot) but I have no icon, no spread sheets for progress, and no procrastination tactic

I'm doomed!



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