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The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics had a homage to the inventor of the World Wide Web.
Almost everyone walking into the stadium was filming or making pictures with their new media devices.

But if you think that the Olympic experience would improve because of the Internet you are highly mistaken.

Four years ago, the official homepage of the Games had a special video portal, where you could watch live streams of all events on about 10 different channels.
Now they sold all those live stream rights to the individual TV stations, so a few select stations will be able to provide you everything. (NBC, BBC, ARD/ZDF)
But - of course - all those streams are region blocked, so if you don't live in the US, UK or Germany, you will once again only be able to see what your local station has bought the rights for. Pretty much like it was 10 or 20 years ago.

So I guess, all I'm going to see - thanks to the Swiss TV - will be lots of Soccer and Tennis *yawn*, with a few minutes of other *highlights* sprinkled in between.

(and yes, I have tried some proxies, but either both the BBC and ARD/ZDF portals are protected against those tricks, or the proxy provider block video that ain't YT)
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... or why is my flist full of multiple, long, multi-chapter fics without a single cut??

I don't mind a long entry or an uncut chapter of a fic, but there is a limit!
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Sensationalist journalism is one thing

But do you know what really makes me sick?
Swiss Newspapers being full with left party politicans gushing about how much older and more dangerous Swiss Power plants are, and that they should be shut off yesterday!

They are wetting themselves with excitment that this desaster is happening six months before Switzerlands next major election (and that they can use this tragedy in lieu of presenting solutions to real problems in this country in the hope of preventing further losses to the right parties)
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I got the perfect analogy to describe the lazy and sensitive people that are currently robbing my last nerve:

They claim to like Reid because he's so unique and outspoken, but if they meet an outspoken person in real life, they leak tears faster than Gretchen ever could!

Also, someone already distract me. I need a new topic to rant about!
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Sorry, I need to let off some steam

(And I haven’t even seen today’s episode yet, as I just find more enjoyment from the YouTube Vids then from joining the Livestream and discussion - I just got the feeling from reactions, that today is not the happy day many have hoped for

Rant about spoilers is ranty and spoilery )
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Grösster Aprilscherz dieses Jahres (und überhaupt nicht lustig)
Die Ladenöffnungszeiten

(und das daraus resultirende 45 minuten Schlange stehen am Bahnhof)
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There is this guy - let`t call him Roman Polanski - who has a history of running from a country that want to put him in jail. Then there was this one country - let's call it France - that did nothing to put him in jail. Then he travels to another small country - let's call it Switzerland - and he gets put in jail there.

While other countries see Switzerland as an cute little place, there are these people in Switzerland - let's call them left-wing politicans - who always fear that other countries will stop to like Switzerland when they are nothing but nice. So they let the guy in jail out again, thinking that this time he will not run to that France country again, before a judge sends him to jail in that other country - let's call it the United States of America - that orginally wanted to put him in jail can put him in jail.

Now for those Geographicly challanged amoung my dear readers, let me tell you that this Switzerland place is a very small country, and it is right next to that France country, so run away guy will only need about two hours if not less to get to that France place where he is safe from justice

"But we took his passport!" the left-wing politicans from Switzerland now say. "He can't leave the country without his passport!"
Of course it were the same left-wing politicans who a few years ago told everybody in there country that nobody would like Switzerland anymore if we would not vote to let everybody from the European Union and then some cross our borders without having to show their passports......

Conclusion: I give it a week until the little girl-fucker is back in France and save from justice for another twenty years. I will also keep continue to vote against everything that will make this country a gift to the European Union ... wrapped up all nice with a bow by our left-wing politicans ("den Linken und den Netten" as we call them)
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2 years ago

Fandom: OMG!!!!!!! We are going to build an archive!!! We are going to own the servers!!!! OMG!!! It will be so great!! Easy to use and for EVERYONE!!!!!

[personal profile] jassanja: hmmm.... *waits to see how the big plans will turn out*

Present Day

AO3: *goes into Open Beta*

Fandom: *ANGST* It's so complicated!!!! The warnings do not warn what I want them to warn!!! Tags Wuzzles Freeform Tags are so complicated!!!!! If I tag something wrong the Tag Wrangles are going to hate me FOREVAH!!!!!!*ANGST*

Tag Wranglers: *ANGST* Make one mistake and the whole Archive Internet Planet Universe will break down!!!!!!! Tag something wrong and all of Fandom will hate us FOREVAH!!!!!!!!!!!

[personal profile] jassanja: *loves the archive and thinks that it is really easy to use for reading/archiving/feedbacking/filtering tags*

(I'm not a tag wrangler, but a friend is, and she says it's really hard to break things, and they are not telling everyone how to tag their stuff, they are just there to make sure if that if you search for Snarry you get not just stories tagged Snarry but also stories tagged Snotter, Snape/Harry, Harry/Severus, Severitus, Severus Snape/Harry Potter or every other possible form thereof)
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One thing that makes me angry about the whole drama about that German soccer player:

There are hypocrites mourning him.
There are people in deep grief now that make rude jokes about people they see/work with every day and are suffering from depression.
They would not mourn if someone from their every day field of people would kill themself, but they do mourn Robert Enke.
Not because they knew him, or liked him, or have been fans of any team he ever played in, but because he was a soccer player

Is it 2012 yet? The human race needs killing badly!
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I just read an interview that pointed out that even after a German National soccer player killed himself this week, it will unlikely be an event that changes attitueds. So players with mental illnesses will have to continue to hide in the closet together with the homosexuall players because the world is just not ready to deal with professional players that are just HUMAN, rather then larger-then-life-personas
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There is this guy (you know who I'm speaking off, dear follow fans) who lies on purpose about his birthday, because that is a private thing

Said person would also like to have control which fans have knowledge about him having children - never mind that in modern times such things go out rather fast via YouTube or Wikipedia.
(And even faster when another member of the band announced the birth of one of those children during a show that was recorded for TV)

A few years later said person post a picture of two of his children to the bands photo-blog
Totally by accident of course!

If Mister P.L had any credit left in my books, he would have lost them just about now

(at least we did just get a cute pic of the children, rather than any TMI stuff - because other musicans have used that route to get PR, of course it also happend totally by accident back then)


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