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I realize this is gettig extremely fandom heavy - and the same 4 or 5 fandoms at that ... but hey, fannishness was the original purpose of this journal, so deal with it

Take That for Comic Reliief Night 2011

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Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Dancers posed for the NOH8 campaign

While the official picture needs a while to show up at the webpage, this entry on [livejournal.com profile] adamlambertetc has a few pics of the shoot.

Plus: Tommy Joe's official NOH8 picture
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Miriam Jauslin moderiert dieses Jahr den Chienbäse nicht!

Hoffen wir das der Trend morgen und Mittwoch bei den Schnitzelbänken weiterläuft
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This is worth watching for the speech in the beginning alone!

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Well, today wasn't the most happy day for me, so it was a bit a hard choice, and in the end, I had to dig out the big guns to find something that can make me smile

It's Doctor Oliver and Mister Snyder "playing Doctor"!

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The new Take That video is pretty epic, all cyberpunk and stuff

Originally I wanted to put a second video here, just to show how they changed since 1991.
(And if you can watch the Do What You Like video without grinning, you're doing something wrong.)

But it looks like all the original videos have been taken down from Youtube so only the one on the offical Take That channel remains.
No big deal, except that they put up a newly cut and eddited version of the video, without any jelly getting swipped off naked butts.

I'm not going to add or link that video, because censorship does not make me happy!
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I have this song on an endless repeat for a couple of weeks now

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Because I'm annoyed with myself for only using my journal to rant and bitch anymore, I will now try to make one entry a day for the month of March with Happy stuff
(Well, cute, funny and adorable counts too)

Let's start of with something simple to warm up:
Cute Baby-Goats from a park near me (the pics are from last year, there aren't any babies from this year yet


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