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The Swiss TV Commentator (Beni Thurnheer, of course) just has to make a joke about the Norwegian Pants every two minutes

If I had any alcohol at hand this would call for a drinking game.
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Being Rude to the Swiss TV reporter trying to interview you is not going to help you jump further then the Swiss Jumper
We are willing to give you sympathy points for having to deal with a stupid coach who did his best to embarrass your whole team by starting this stupid kerkfluffle of the past days... but not like this....

"prepairing to be very gleeful*
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So Vonn won... *yawn*
(I didn't even watch her race, because at that time, the curling match was at the last stone in End 10 played pushing a 7/5 game, to a 7/7 - way more exciting)

Can we give the Downhill medals to those racers with the most spectacular crashes?
Peterson, Gisin and that French gal who crashed within the first 2 seconds after starting
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I have one Livesteam on Curling and one Livesstream on Womens Downhill

Is it very bad of me to wish that Vonn will fall, and by that make the race more interresting?
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Dear Swiss Media

You demanded the Gold medal for the men's downhill race - and hey, you got it
no, you are not allowed to mope and be depressed that the WRONG Swiss won

No love
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The Swiss Olympic Team had 41 athletes two years ago in Beijing.
In Vancouver there are 46 Ice Hockey players
(n total there are over 140 Swiss athletes, which makes the Swiss the 5th biggest group - even more then Olympia-obsessed China)

And thanks to the ever so charming Ski Jumper Simon Ammann we also won the first gold medal that was handed out in those games

Thanks to bad weather there was no men's downhill race - otherwise we may would have another medal. (Didier Couchè may also better get Gold or the Swiss Media will lynch him, before he gets the chance to compete in the other two races, where they also have him down to win at least one other medal)


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