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Today we had Switzerland's first NaNoWriMo Meeting.

I guess I'm going to write that ATWT/Torchwood Crossover I had in my mind for a while now, and that no one beside me will like, because it features the wrong characters on the TW side, and hardly any sickly-sweet romance on the Lure side...


Aug. 15th, 2011 12:53 am
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obsessed with cliffhangers and middlemen since 1879
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So that was the sex scne that had the BBC's panties in a twist?
Overreacting much!?!
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This may be as far away from Torchwood in Season 1 as you can get, but I love it!
It's so much fun!
There's so much fuck up and kicking ass and goverment conspiracy in it already, and where only 1/5 in the story
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Yes, by far the best episode of this season ... yet
but there was one thing that dissapointed me )
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It felt like Moffat was working his way through a laundry list of places/thing he wanted the Doctor to get involved

Read more... )
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Is it me or was that a really dissapointing start into the new season?

I think it would have made sense to start the season with a two part episode if they would have shown it on two days of easter rather than keep it a week apart. (But then it does set the stage as they are going to break the season in a spring-half and an autum-half, with a cliffhanger dangling there for months)
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Torchwood: Miracle Day )

Cue the tea baggers coffee baggers complaining that this couldn't happen while Ianto was still alive.... Now if they could just get the fuck out of my fandom, since they aren't going to watch TW anymore anyway
(empty promises, I'm sure most of them are going to watch every episode just to complain about the lack of Ianto)
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Now this double episode was a bit of a letdown
or perhaps the expectations for a story including both the Weeping Angels + River Song was just too high
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My biggest problem with this episode was the part where it is only set 1000 or 1500 years in the future, and Earth is already inhabitable, while various earlier episodes point out that the humans will have thousands and thousands of years yet to come on Earth, and when the sun expanses (see 1x02 - The End of the World) the planet is empty for a long time already
so yeah, not a fan of this contradiction

The Beast Below )
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... but you are intimidated by almost 50 years of back-log?
Well, now is a good time to start, as the new season just started on BBC and brings a new incarnation of the Doctor, a new companion travelling with him and a new team of writers/producers

I'm not very familiar with "Classic Who" (the 1963-1986 & 1996 Era) but as for "New Who" (since 2005) here are some episodes you might enjoy watching if you hear about the "fantastic" 9th incarnation of the Doctor and the "brilliant" 10th incarnation

2005 - Season 1 of "New Who" (The 9th Doctor)

* Rose (the episode that started the re-lunch of the series, and another good beginners point)
* The End of the World
* Dalek (meet the Doctors oldest Arch-Enemy for the first time in "New Who")
* The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (considering that this is a "all ages show" this is pretty scary stuff - also, meet the charismatic Captain Jack Harkness)

2005-2009 - Season 2-4 (The Era of the 10th Doctor)

* The Christmas Invasion (Regeneration takes it's toll on the Doctor, just when humanity is standing on the ledge)
* The Girl in the Fireplace
* The Runaway Bride (After Rose got trapped in another Dimension, the Doctor meets Donna, one feisty, pissed off bride)
* Smith and Jones
* The Shakespeare Code (The Doctor, Martha, Will Shakespeare and some witches)
* Blink
* The sound of Drums/The last of the Time Lords (Meet the Master, a Time Lord with politic ambition)
* Partners in Crime (Donna is back)
* Midnight
* Turn Left ( Rose is back, but too late to safe the Doctor)
* The stolen Earth/Journey's end
* The Waters of Mars

Doctor Who

Apr. 4th, 2010 12:38 am
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5x01 )
 11/Jeff - tell me someone has already written it ... because I'd ship it 
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Casting Call Torchwood America

When questioned about an equivalent character for fan-favorite Ianto (killed off in last year's "Children of Earth") Davies said, "We felt the character took away valuable screen time from the leads, and we don't wish to go in that direction again. But we do promise at least one gay kiss per series, which should make everyone happy."

It has to be too good to be true
(I still say "thanks, but no thanks" to TW:US as long as there is no prove about that other rumor about a certain actor joining, but I think that is still nothing more then wishfull thinking)


Mar. 13th, 2010 08:05 pm
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I'm not much of a regular TV watcher, but today I did turn it on, and zapped right into a BBC re-run of "Aliens of london/World War III" of Doctor Who

Oh dear... how long ago that was.....

I miss Nine
I miss Rose before she became annoying
(and for the matter I miss Ten, and I can't wait for Eleven)
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had anyone else the desire to scream "Drop dead already" at the screen during that Doctor Who special?


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