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Mar. 28th, 2013 09:11 am
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Getting insulted by Handymen for not having taken the curtain off the window at 9am. Lovely!

Even more so if you consider that they are making their way so slow through the building, they had to move their appointment three times (original appointment was Monday before last). And no, I don't think that those 10 seconds to remove the curtain will slow them down much more.


Nov. 6th, 2012 10:36 pm
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I can't wait for this election to be over, and I'm no longer bombarded with PM and IM messages or comments from random people with reminders to "please go vote!"

Newsflash: Not every fucking person on the Internet is from the fucking USA!!!
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Dear "The Big Bang Theory" Cast

Explicitly pointing out in interviews that you are not really geeky, nerdy losers, while making disgusted facial expressions at the notion, is nullifying the positive message the show is supposed to send out.

No love
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Sensationalist journalism is one thing

But do you know what really makes me sick?
Swiss Newspapers being full with left party politicans gushing about how much older and more dangerous Swiss Power plants are, and that they should be shut off yesterday!

They are wetting themselves with excitment that this desaster is happening six months before Switzerlands next major election (and that they can use this tragedy in lieu of presenting solutions to real problems in this country in the hope of preventing further losses to the right parties)
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So I made a new icon!

Also, I once again spoke my mind
and since the mods of [ profile] lure_atwt are as sensitive as I accused them of, I guess I will get my second warning/banning withing the next 12-24 hours

But at this point I just stopped to care.
They are doing their best to kill the community anyway, and I feel uncomortable posting anything there, even if it fits with the rules (that are currently changing every 5 minutes)
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I always find it slightly distrubing when someone I knew from a fandom makes fun for years of one of your other fandoms, and suddently they are getting crazy over that fandom too

I just want to go, and dig out old emails and the like and shove it into their faces how they used to call canon lame, and the fans stupid and perverts ... and now they can't shut up about how great and fun it all is


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