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Looks like there is a Live Stream portal for most of Europe (it's from the EBU, the guys who also do the Eurovision Song Contest)


Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] toivoton for the tip
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The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics had a homage to the inventor of the World Wide Web.
Almost everyone walking into the stadium was filming or making pictures with their new media devices.

But if you think that the Olympic experience would improve because of the Internet you are highly mistaken.

Four years ago, the official homepage of the Games had a special video portal, where you could watch live streams of all events on about 10 different channels.
Now they sold all those live stream rights to the individual TV stations, so a few select stations will be able to provide you everything. (NBC, BBC, ARD/ZDF)
But - of course - all those streams are region blocked, so if you don't live in the US, UK or Germany, you will once again only be able to see what your local station has bought the rights for. Pretty much like it was 10 or 20 years ago.

So I guess, all I'm going to see - thanks to the Swiss TV - will be lots of Soccer and Tennis *yawn*, with a few minutes of other *highlights* sprinkled in between.

(and yes, I have tried some proxies, but either both the BBC and ARD/ZDF portals are protected against those tricks, or the proxy provider block video that ain't YT)
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So after cheating Stewart isn't only losing "the love of her (short) life" but also losing fans?
Now that is quite surprising, as so far, most of us believed she didn't even have any fans?

And why are all those Emo-Twilight Girls so emo about it?
Isn't it good for them that their favorite boy in all the world is single again, so they may have a chance at him?



Jul. 27th, 2012 10:11 am
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Today I got a card from my goddaughter Luana from her holiday in Croatia!
Nice, right?

Sure, if you ignore the fact that I don't have a goddaughter called Luana, nor do I know anyone who has a child with that name (in case they forgot to tell me that I'm the godmother, because that happens all the time, right?)

Looks like some people will wonder what happened to that card, and than find out, that they looked up the name/address of the wrong person.

Stil, it's a nice card!
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Dear "The Big Bang Theory" Cast

Explicitly pointing out in interviews that you are not really geeky, nerdy losers, while making disgusted facial expressions at the notion, is nullifying the positive message the show is supposed to send out.

No love
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For every nice person, there are also 5 idiots around

It's that simple


Jun. 2nd, 2012 09:53 pm
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I put this post up now as a further "told you so" reference, in case Gary Barlow gets a knighthood in the next five years.

Him being asked to organize one of the official Jubilee events should be an indication that he's one some short list, right?
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This year isn't a very good year, IMO.
It's so bad actually, that i'm rooting for Jedward, because theirs is the only song I wanted to listen to more than once.

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So, is anybody else surprised that J.K. Rowling is indeed publishing another book?

After all, she didn't seem too much into writing once she was happily married off to her second husband and had more children. (Remember the "doing dishes is more important than writing the fifth Harry Potter book" quote? Nevermind that by then she already had more than enough money to buy a dishwasher)

Well, in that documentary they made about the release of DH, she mentioned writing a book for children even younger than the HP crowd, so the big surprise should be that her new book is actually for adults.

I think this could go either way.
On one hand there is the lackluster way of the last three Potter books, on the other there is the hope that without the pressure of having to finish something so big as HP, she might have produced an enjoyable book again, that didn't go to the presses as soon as the last word was typed down...

Guess we have to wait and read
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Is it me or are the increasing POVs hurting the show?

(Never mind that they will double up again once the show will take up on books 3-5)
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Thousands of fangirls must be creaming their panties over the Glee preview with Darren Criss and Matt Bomer!

Am I really the only one who is not thrilled at all to see Bomer on the show? (But then I do have a problem with those glass-closet cases... I still like White Collar, but more because of the characters)
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Just killed the first dozen mosquitoes of the year (one of them monster sized)

Could we please have those Siberian temperatures back? I really rather freeze than having to suffer those bitches!
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Every time I hear some kid (one can only hope they're still kids) claim that "The Hunger Games" is the best book to movie adaption they've ever seen, I want to sit them down with "Silence of the Lambs", "The Green Mile" and "Gone with the fucking Wind"
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Just came back from watching it this afternoon.

As always: Read the book, because it's better! (Surprise, surprise)

I was really looking forward to the movie after having seen the trailer.
Now the trailer shows mostly scenes from early on in the story, and that is one of the reasons why I am a bit disappointed with the movie.
Because as soon as the story leaves District 12, the movie became a bit too showy-flashy-poppy MTV-Generation for me - and not only for the Capitol (where it could have worked too show the difference between there and the districts) but also in the Arena.

Another thing that didn't work for me was how the actual part in the Arena was handled.

Read more... )
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can you tell me what all the fuss was about in fandom because of episode 2x03? I finally watched it, and saw no reason for a fuss.
Unless it was about how boring the plot turned out to be, and how you could predict the end after the first scene - in that case, I totally get the fuss)
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Children Europeans!

The next person who mentioned Girl Scout Cookies should be punished by sending me some, seriously!
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If I'd challenged myself to read 50 books this year (as a popular challenge does), I would now be in need of a new hobby.
But since I went for 250, I can go on as usual.

Who needs a life if there are books?

Glee 3x13

Feb. 19th, 2012 08:12 pm
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Not that I've ever taken that show seriously, but season three really is one *headdesk* after another

Dear Glee

I'm just a casual viewer, not a fan, but even I noticed the continuity error about the age - and in one case race - of Rachel's dads.
If at least you'd done the black to white thing in the Michael Jackson special a few weeks back ... it would still have been bad, but perhaps a little less so than now!

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With Amy Winehouse we kind of saw it coming, and where more wondering when instead of it it would happen.

Now with Whitney Housten most of us were surprised, even through we knew what she was a similar trainwreck for the past 15-20 years


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